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  • "The value of a properly constructed inventory will be realised long after the cost is forgotten."
  • "Your inventory is far superior to the one provided by the letting agent I use to find tenants."
  • "We can always rely on Pink Mortar to deliver a robust and comprehensive inventory for our letting agency, on time and at a good price."
  • "Using Pink Mortar prevented me from making costly mistakes. We now have a buy-to-let property that is a great return on investment, thanks to Pink Mortar's advice."
  • So you want to be a landlord…?

    Our comprehensive support is conducted over a number of stages and you can take as much time as you like between each stage to make sure you fully understand each part of the process. Sue will act as your InvestMentor throughout the process to help you make the right decisions for your circumstances and needs. Our services is bespoke, so you only pay for the amount of support you actually need.

    Step 1 – let’s talk buy-to-let property investment

    The first thing we’ll do is get together and discuss why you want to become a buy-to-let landlord. We’ll cover the following:

    • Why do you want to invest in property?
    • What are your short, medium and long-term expectations?
    • How much do you have to spend?
    • Will you need a mortgage?
    • Do you want a ready to move into property or a refurbishment project?

    We’ll let you mull over those before we go onto the next stage.

    We will:
    • Offer advice based on our experience
    • Use testimonials from our landlords
    • Highlight issues you may not have considered
    • Ask you to do your own due diligence

    Step 2 – let’s get specific

    The next step revolves around three simple but potentially life-changing questions:

    • Which part of the East Midlands should you purchase a property in?
    • Which kind of property should you invest in?
    • Which profile of tenants do you want to attract?
    We will:
    • Appraise the area you have identified and research the potential for a return on your investment in that area
    • Talk you through landlord responsibilities
    • Give you current information about tax and other legalities

    Step 3 – finding a property for you

    We will help you find the right property that matches the exact requirements that you told us about in steps 1 & 2.

    We will:
    • Identify properties with you
    • View properties with you
    • Introduce you to our trusted advisors, including mortgage brokers and conveyancers

    Step 4 – purchasing your buy-to-let property

    Only make an offer when you have done all your due diligence.

    We will:
    • Negotiate with the seller
    • Offer advice on renovation and refurbishment

    Step 5 – letting your buy-to-let property

    Ahead of completing, it’s important to start finding tenants so that your property doesn’t stand empty and cost you money.

    We will:
    • Advise on whether to engage a letting agent
    • Help you find and vet your own tenants
    • Carry out the inventory of the property

    Call Sue about taking the next step and becoming a buy-to-let landlord.