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  • "The value of a properly constructed inventory will be realised long after the cost is forgotten."
  • "Your inventory is far superior to the one provided by the letting agent I use to find tenants."
  • "We can always rely on Pink Mortar to deliver a robust and comprehensive inventory for our letting agency, on time and at a good price."
  • "Using Pink Mortar prevented me from making costly mistakes. We now have a buy-to-let property that is a great return on investment, thanks to Pink Mortar's advice."
  • Ongoing inspections when you need them

    We strongly advise all our landlords to have their rental properties inspected at regular intervals during the tenancy.

    Ideally, this should be done quarterly because it helps to check: the ongoing condition of the property, that it is being looked after and that there are no breaches of the tenancy, such as unspecified pets or additional occupants.
    Many of our landlords use mid-term inspections for peace of mind but, in our experience, they have been invaluable in identifying potential problems that would have been much more costly if the problems had not been resolved sooner. For example, a minor leak not reported by the tenant but identified during an inspection could present a major problem if not dealt with.

    After each inspection, we’ll present you with a full report.

    Give Sue a call about our mid-term inspections.