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  • "The value of a properly constructed inventory will be realised long after the cost is forgotten."
  • "Your inventory is far superior to the one provided by the letting agent I use to find tenants."
  • "We can always rely on Pink Mortar to deliver a robust and comprehensive inventory for our letting agency, on time and at a good price."
  • "Using Pink Mortar prevented me from making costly mistakes. We now have a buy-to-let property that is a great return on investment, thanks to Pink Mortar's advice."
  • A comprehensive inventory service

    Our property inventories have to be thorough so that both landlords and tenants have complete peace of mind that they are fully protected if disputes arise.

    In accordance with Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP) guidelines, we prepare each inventory clearly and catalogue absolutely everything to ensure completeness if it were to be submitted to a court. It may sound a little dramatic, but it’s essential that we fully protect your interests.

    Why you need a property inventory

    An inventory is a clear, unbiased and unequivocal record of the condition and contents of a rental property on the day that a tenant takes possession. Having an inventory significantly reduces the likelihood of you having a dispute with a landlord or tenant.

    How we will conduct your inventory
    You name it and we’ll check it when we make a complete written and photographic record of the condition and contents of a property.

    In unfurnished rental properties, we check for:

    • Cleanliness
    • The construct and condition of fixtures and fittings, including the internal fabric of the property
    • The makes and models of appliances

    In furnished and equipped rental properties, we also check:

    • The condition of all furniture
    • The quantity of crockery, cutlery and other kitchen items
    • The positions that room items are in to facilitate easy identification on check-out
    We also make a note of any items or issues that could become a problem, such as:

    • Blown units in windows
    • Fences that may be damaged by wind
    • Cracks in freezer drawers
    • Damaged sanitary ware
    • Stains on walls and carpets
    • Suspect wiring, damp patches and leaking shower surrounds

    Quick, efficient reporting

    You will receive our comprehensive inventory report within 48 hours. We usually email it for speed but we can post it or even put it onto a disc if required.

    We keep copies of your inventory

    Our tenants and landlords love the fact that we keep copies of rental inventories, particularly the high resolution photographs, which are stored safely at Pink Mortar.

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    • Mid-term inspection

    Speak to Sue about our inventory services.